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I just wanted to thank you for the openning of your home and your 'wealth of knowledge' to the participants @ the Bed & Breakfast seminar. As you already know, I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband,ya'll were truly a joy to meet. I still miss having tea with you both in the evening. And the breakfasts were AWESOME!!! I wouldn't change a thing! Again, I really appreciate you're sharing w/ us the wealth of knowledge you have in the area. The course was well organized, yet allowed for enough flexibility so allow, I think, each participant gained what they needed in order to proceed w/ their program, regardless of where they were in the development. I came away immediately w/ so many ideas on directions our program could go, it took me about a month to process it all. Since the course 4 months ago, we already have 2 physician groups on board w/ us for OB pts and are about to start marketing a third group. Additionally, I have started education programs @ 2 of our hospital sites for the OB back pain pt, and they have been received well thus far. I know that it would have taken me @ least 2 years to learn what I learned in a weekend, which is why I think we've been able to move ahead so quickly.
Thanks again Fatima.
WM, arkansas


(The Seminar covers) comprehensive information not only for Women's Health issues but for PT practices in general. JB - Spokane WA


This B&B (seminar) was extremely beneficial! It gave me the edge and confidence to develop my own program. Fatima is full of energy, spirit & knowledge that overflows onto each participant of the B&B (seminar). - JK Lake Havasu City AZ


Great course for anyone wanting to set up a practice in Women's Halth! Fatima is a great speaker and very knowledgeable. PH El Paso TX


This course has gotten me truly excited to go start my Women's health practice. I feel confident (that) the information given will help me succeed. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a Women's health practice. (BK)



What a pleasure it was to meet you and spend time with you this weekend! I really feel that it was time well spent and enjoyable at that ! -L... & I talked all the way home to San Antonio about our ideas to enhance our prgrams here at M Hospital. (D)


Fatima, Thank you so much for all that you taught me this weekend, it was very helpful.

You have an inspiring teaching style and we are planning our first steps with Kevin already! I had no idea what I was getting into, there is so much to learn but you did it in such a way that I wasn't overwhelmed! Thanks again. (M)


Fatima's comment:

Patient care in Women's health Physical Therapy can be full of raw emotions where often times patients diagnosis are laden with heavy doses of old and new emotional baggage; In this environment a good patient-care reputation does not spring up over night but grows slowly and soundly only if it is rooted deep in the solid ground of patient satisfaction over a prolonged period of time.

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